Write an addition story

Practice Arrange students in heterogeneous groups of four and give each group one white board and marker. The teacher could record the students responses on chart paper. How does a story help us to solve an addition problem?

When all students have found their matches, write an addition story each team to report out their equation and their answer. Students will deepen their understanding of the concept of addition through oral storytelling with the use of manipulatives. The teacher will ask the students why we use addition.

Those who have matched sit on the edge of the rug, while those that are still seeking their match remain in the center of the rug. The teacher will ask, "How many bears are there in all? I want them to write their own sentences, draw their won picture, and write their won number sentence.

The students on the inside of the circle hold the white board and the marker. This is a great starting strategy for first graders because they need that concrete, visual mental support. Is there a "key word" in the story problem that lets us know that it is an addition problem?

The teacher will introduce story problems to the students by acting out situations with the students. Ask the students with the flannel board to tell an addition story to their inside partner, using the words first, then, and together.

Addition Story Problem Fun

I am showing them that you have faith in their abilities, and it boosts their confidence. What prior knowledge should students have for this lesson? For example, "5 bears were in the cave. Since this was the first time students had been exposed to story problems, all students would benefit from more instruction, however, the checklist will show which students will require more in depth direct instruction.

Only one student may write, while the other three provide guidance. You can come up with your own simple addition stories, and, in fact, I recommend it with one big tip: Later, you can introduce these layers of complexity when your students are ready. The teacher will create stories about the bears.

Review Distribute half an index card to each student for a mix and match activity. You can staple them together with your own version of a cover page or just staple them together as is.

After the students have finished the Story Problem Activity Sheet, the teacher will call the students back to a whole group setting. It is very easy to change the names to students in your class.

In small groups the students will complete the "Story Problem Activity Sheet".The students of the outside circle hold the flannel board. Ask the students with the flannel board to tell an addition story to their inside partner, using the words first, then, and together.

As they finish their story, have the partner write. In this lesson, students will act out real world problems using themselves as an introduction to story problems.

Addition Number Stories

They will also act out addition story problems using teddy bear counters and laminated caves. Last, they will work in small groups to complete addition story problems together. Addition and Subtraction Story Problems- Common Core Aligned. Could be modified for any type of story problem.

Addition Story Problems

Find this Pin and more on math by Marianne Garis. Addition and Subtraction Story Problems- Common Core killarney10mile.com different ways to model the problem, include a number line to show.

Nov 21,  · Flexibility and fluidity with addition is an important part of the first grade math curriculum, but it takes lots of practice to gain confidence with this skill. This lesson in addition offers guided practice which aims to 4/5(2).

Students will use addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to write and solve story problems. Addition number stories (and their very tiny answers), which I created for use with my first grade math enrichment club.

The students will use .

Write an addition story
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