Water slide transfer paper

I first printed a plain sheet of paper and made sure I had everything sized right for my projects. Water slide decal paper. Even though this aerosol may be a good product in general it is not optimal to make flexible "easy to work with" decals.

I am probably the last crafter out there who did not know about this! Using the Papilio water slide decal paper is simple: Place your decals in a bowl of warm water. I have all sorts of ideas for holidays Instead of "buttons" you could put a name or photo. Indoor use only unless protected with a Urethane Make decals using the inkjet printer you already own using this paper and a decal fixative.

Water Slide Decal Paper

I started Goggling around and found blank decal paper, Eureka! The paper piece will curl up, and then straighten out again.

March 13, Using Water Slide Decals Finding blank water slide decal sheets and printing my own decals has opened up a whole new world of crafting for me! I have been using vintage decals I found at an antique store years ago and have been unable to find any since. We offer a decal fixative in both aerosol and liquid form.

Print out your decals from your graphics editing software onto the Papilio water slide decal paper. For best results please use only Papilio decal Fixative. Spray the sheet with a clear acrylic spray, such as our Papilio Aerosol decal Fixative or use the Papilio liquid fixative.

Water slide decals are very thin, allowing your artwork, photograph, or text to look as if it had been painted onto the item you are applying the decal to. Lay your picture on your project surface and then slide the backing paper out.

Apply a real "wet" coat not just a light "dry" coat, if you do not apply a wet coat it will not seal your ink and when you get it wet the ink will come off Since the decals are somewhat transparent they only worked well on white, clear, or light objects, the graphics disappeared on dark objects.

It is also important to use a Rubber decal Squeegee to remove any excess water or air bubbles from beneath the decal. While the term water slide decal may not be familiar to you, most people have encountered them at some point in their life.

You can use water slide decals on wood, soap, paper, glass, and candles. I put together a page of graphics from the Graphics Fairy. Most likely if you have ever assembled a model kit as a child, you are familiar with this style of water decals.

I wrapped 2 of the soaps in clear paper that shrinks with heat and added some pearls I recommend you order the water slide decals from I have tried many different brands of decal paper, but have found that they are not all the same or good quality which is why I recommend Robins Eggcetera A few tips to save you from my mistakes!

What fun for party and shower favors. Clear Inkjet Water Slide decal Paper. I can see your creative minds whirling, just think of the possibilities!

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Once the paper pieces are laying flat again, the decals are ready to be slid off the paper backing and onto your item. Here is some projects using the decals.

The Papilio water slide decal paper fixative is also available in liquid form as well as in aerosol cans.Waterslide decal paper for inkjet printers,laser printers,alps printer & color copiers.

Best Quality Water slide decal paper in the market. Order On-Line. killarney10mile.com: Hayes Paper, Waterslide Decal Paper INKJET CLEAR 20 Sheets Premium Water-Slide Transfer Transparent Printable Water Slide. Free Shipping. Buy H2OGO! Water Slide, Double Lane at killarney10mile.com Make Water-slide (Water slip) decals for Scale model RR, cars, plastic, airplanes, ships, toys, wood furniture, guitars, helmets and other with your Alps printer, laser printer or ink jet printer.

Best Quality and service. Order On-line. With Waterslide Decal Paper, you can print any designs using an inkjet printer and transfer them onto any non-porous surfaces. The decal transfer is very thin and barely noticeable when transferred on.

20 Sheets A4 Inkjet Water Slide Decal Transfer Paper, image transfer sheets, DIY photo transfer paper on glass, wood, ceramic, metal, plastic and more.

Clear waterslide paper for Inkjet Printer by Simple & Basic.

Water slide transfer paper
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