Russian women in furs

In an unprecedented move, the St Petersburg Fur Auction now rejects Russian polar fox furs for auction "because their starting prices are not competitive. More so than in any other country I ever visited? Russian furriers are offering fur hats and cheaper furs such as sheepskin, rabbit, nutria and astrakhan.

But when I wear my fur coat, I can go out dressed in only a T-shirt underneath and still be warm. The cost of the package is borne by the entire customer base, together with Greek furriers and supported by fur sales.

Jokes such as that in Russia everything is a surprise—even how your date looks underneath her coat. Mine was a present from my mother. Russian women seem to want to buy fur coats for everyday use. Russian suppliers of fur clothing lose ground The Russian fur clothing domestic trade is in the doldrums.

Although this seems like quite an exaggeration, it is true that fur coats are available in all kinds of fabrics, fashions, lengths and colors. Making my way through this winter wonderland, I saw something extraordinary, something that I had never seen before in such great numbers.

Paradoxically, consumer preferences are now split between domestic furriers and the more up-market importers. However, Russian furriers are experiencing a change of fortunes for the better, managing to put their unprofitable days behind them, as they compete favorably with less expensive Chinese and Greek imports.

I decided to ask the owners themselves. Vera Kolesnikova, a year old Muscovite, explains: One reason is because of the contrary nature of Russian shoppers. The rather unsavory look to the arrangement is not as it seems.

The scheme actually has popular support among Russians, who take advantage of the deal for beach holidays, with some fur shopping on the side. All Russian women have one. I bought a coat with short sleeves and sewed leather sleeves underneath.Russian women seem to want to buy fur coats for everyday use.

That is having a knock-on effect to the sales of quite expensive non-fur coats. The non-furs are selling well when fur coats are simply not available at more reasonable prices. Skandinavik fur is the best online fur jackets store for ladies and men's fur coats & offers Mink fur, Beaver fur, Russian Fur coats and Fox fur coats at discount prices.

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Womens Russian & Trapper Style Hats

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Why do Russian women still wear fur coats?

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Russian women in furs
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