Reaction paper on enron the smartest guys in the room

Enron being the major corporate contributor for the George W. These investors are still battling to receive as much returns as possible. He was cooking the books making it look like Enron was making a profit even though the company was more than 30 billion dollars in debt.

The film focuses primarily on the two at the top who were responsible for setting the corporate culture for all those under them: Just because he had legal go-ahead from the Security and Exchange Commission to use mark-to-market accounting, does not mean it was an ethical or advisable thing to do.

Unlike the Enron and PDAF scam, corporate governance and ethics will be present in all our endeavors. The politics of United States also provided favorable grounds for such activities. They did not think of the stakeholders of the company, its customers and investors. Fastow eventually pleads guilty in a deal that he will testify against his former coworkers in exchange for a reduced sentence, while Lay and Skilling plea innocent and spend tens of millions of dollars on defense attorneys.

Employees and executives would have to take part in ethics training to be sure that they understand the book completely. Many of them were heavily influenced by the CEO and Chairman of the company that they failed to move ahead of the conventional stage [4].

Enron: the smartest guys in the room Essay

Government of United States suffered a huge protest and outrage from public. All employees acting inappropriately would be reprimanded as established in the code of ethics booklet.

Enron was not the only one shouting for higher profits. Enron had power plants all over the world, but the performance of the most of them were terrible making no profits for the Company.

Enron paid employees with stock which created huge additional incentives beyond regular pay and bonuses to keep prices up — because if you beat earnings, stock prices go up.

California experienced multiple rolling blackouts not because of a lack of supply, but because of the market system that was manipulated by the executives and traders in Enron itself.

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

This is her reaction paper on the Enron Documentary submitted for the course Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance. They chose to follow the right versus almost wrong [3]. They learned to criticize more in order to reveal the hidden truth. Clearly, Enron executives and employees did not live out the motto they were claiming: The film plays tape recorded conversations between Enron traders who seemed to derive enjoyment from their exploitation of the crisis and then cites the Milgram experiment as a means of explaining their behavior.

Douglas Murray McGregor had a different theory of motivation. And this was exactly what happened. Enron represented a client agency, a single, organized group with which the regulators must deal with regularly. Arthur Andersen should also be blamed for tolerating and assisting Fastow to this accounting fraud.Enron Reaction Paper In: Business and Management Submitted By eenamag Words Enron Paper TAB B TOPICS: THE CASE OF ENRON REQUIRED: After reading the case and articles in the Tab B readings, answer the questions below.

He recounts that he had stayed in his office instead of going into a specific conference room that day, and that.

Oct 29,  · Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room. Posted on October 29, | Leave a comment. At the heart of Enron as a case study (and this paper) are the issues of ethics, congressional oversight, captive agencies, organizational culture, and motivational theory. This paper presents each of the issues, the relevant literature, and how.

Jun 16,  · Smartest Guys In The Room- Analysis Arthur Andersen destroyed tons of paper documents related to Enron and there began the endless blame game. ANALYSIS. Ask Why? This caption of Enron Corporation was designed to convey the message to its employees and investors to question before acting.

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Enron: the smartest guys in the room

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Reaction paper on enron the smartest guys in the room
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