Proposed architectural thesis projects

Through the development of 3-DJ, a prototype design software, I propose a design methodology that enables a designer to evaluate, remix, and implement qualities identified from 3D scans to generate architectural features that would otherwise be impossible using conventional computer modeling methods.

The first step in the Thesis Project is the preparation of a Thesis Proposal. One or Two Weeks before the Oral Defense: Within each block is a core that is spatially unified yet distinct from the public front of the street.

If it is not, then nobody will care to pay attention towards it. Like most monuments, this one has been designed for a future public, hopefully one that wonders at the strangeness of us and our economies of frenzied extraction and consumption. The Intramuros Hotel Acknowledging and evaluating the social and aesthetic values of heritage landscapes 7.

Letter from the Architectural Enclave Seeing Architecture as a political art, this thesis concerns itself with boundaries: A possible architectural intervention can be deduced from the above statements — House production rate can substantially increase if housing components can be standardized.

This is not an easy task and before a student can come up with a credible proposal, one should have done the following: The proposal should serve as a contract or plan-of-action for your thesis. This thesis aspires to be a counter monument to the processes that create massive change on a territorial scale yet somehow remain hidden from the end consumers of those processes.

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Under the guidance of their thesis advisors MArch students conduct independent research and architectural design over the course of the Thesis Prep and Thesis semesters.

The SM Call-Center Complex An investigation of indoor environmental factors that may influence comfort and health of workers in office buildings 3. The goal of the project is to create a new relationship Proposed architectural thesis projects individual memory and the individuals, such that each individual will have personalized experiences in each [ME]morial.

This project fashions waste, ingestion, lounging, and bathing environments as components of our posthuman training grounds. The thesis is a way of saying that we as a culture at least contended with fracking and its innumerable consequences in way that was more substantial than simply worrying about the price of gas at the pump.

Years later, Xenakis composes a musical score that informs the constructed surface of the Philips pavilion. As the town grapples with death on a suburban scale, it encounters deeply personal questions as an entire community. It addresses the notion that shrinkage must be either reversed or ameliorated and instead proposes that it be amplified and radicalized.

Reincarnating California City California City is a superlative shrinking suburb. As it is abandoned, salvaged, catalogued, and transformed, this suburban discharge slowly transforms the reincarnated city into an archival catalog of a previous being: The two are separated by the Buffalo River, a barrier that once linked the two economically.

These instruments, coupled with tools present in both architectural history and masks of traditional societies such as symmetry and anthropomorphism, are used to simultaneously construct and question both the institutions of society and its architectural objects.

The proposal begins with a courthouse, a courthouse framed not as programmatic desire but as a site to develop complexity from the canonical instruments of architecture: When the final version of the thesis is bound and submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Research, a member of The Honors College will notify the office of Records and Registration, and the appropriate designation, University Honors for interdisciplinary thesesHonors in Major, or University Honors and Honors in Major will be added to your official transcript.

It is essential to narrow the topic to a manageable size. In the year half an Empire State building was constructed in the city every day, an equivalent of Empire State buildings in one year, a massive amount of architectural production for a single city.

The recent near-ubiquity of personal internet devices and oncoming wearable technologies bring the posthuman closer, and less like science-fiction.

MIT i2 is an architectural solution to this issue, and is situated on the Charles River along the Harvard Bridge, the point of greatest pedestrian activity compared to the other parts of the waterfront.

Buildings can no longer be the wire mothers of Harry F. The oral defense will be your major opportunity to get feedback from your readers before binding your thesis. The students will have to identify possible design projects to work on as well as introduce the research project that they will relate to the design project.

The proposal is meant to help you focus your project before you begin the work. This submittal shall occur four weeks after your oral defense. This Park, although it seems dangerous and uncomfortable, brings people together through its playful character. Once you have some idea of what topic you wish to pursue, ask a faculty member to direct your thesis.

The "Blue Heart" is both a strategic intervention that reinterprets additional water as an economic boon, as well as a building typology that enables farmers to capitalize on this new nature. Your readers will most likely require some revisions, so be sure to schedule enough time to make those changes before the binding deadlines.Some of the thesis projects are pioneer works in the annals of architectural education in India.

Topic Business cum Recreational Centre, Goa. Centre for Performing & Visual Arts, Chandigarh. 5-Star Deluxe Hotel at Jaypee Greens, Greater Noida/5(36).

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-Under the smart city concept, urban rejuvenation schemes are being proposed by the states. Keep tracking them and would be good projects for thesis. Ahmedabad is already implementing a urban rejuvenation scheme in the city centre. - GIFT ci. PROJECTS List of Projects in chronological order proposed.

All Possible Topics For Architectural Thesis

IT Park at Architectural design and master plan for a zero energy building – “Education Park”, coming up in a back ward area of Madhya Pradesh incorporating green building technologies and low.

Stages of Design to be followed in Architectural Thesis Project In our earlier Thesis articles series, we discussed the following: Introduction to Thesis Project. The Senior Honors Thesis in architecture is typically envisioned and executed entirely as a design project.

It tackles a problem that others have not yet addressed adequately, or it approaches the problem from a new angle. Research into what others have said and done is the essential first step, but.

Thesis Project completed as a part of the curriculum, in the 9th Semester of Under Graduation Published: To design a socio cultural centre that promotes culture and arts in the form of visual and performing arts, and provides intellectual services through seminars, meeting, debates and discussions.

Proposed architectural thesis projects
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