Make my essay sound more sophisticated

The paragraph "In business, the ability What does this have to do with seeming more intelligent?

But as the charmingly named dark-matter candidates—neutrinos, monopoles, MACHOs, black holes and dwarfs of various colors—fail to stand up to experimental and theoretical proofs, they fade faster than presidential campaign promises.

Garcetti has insisted that he wants to go further and deeper, gathering evidence for major felony prosecutions in Rampart and, if necessary, in other police divisions. Some physicists are claiming to have solved the greatest mystery in the universe. Certain kids may spend half their lives acting friendly with the gang members down the street, avoiding fights and biding their time.

Jul 14, More from Inc. Williams was at the helm of the LAPD.

That was quantification enough see underlined material: She is a woman of substance who always seems to be overshadowed by her love of short skirts.

From the lead of a news feature about a battered woman who benefitted from donated plastic surgery: Now you can too.

Dreams of a life in law enforcement are a legacy of the violence that has touched the lives of a generation of young people, who are now hungry for redemption. The writer noticed that a planned major realignment of bus routes played havoc with a route traveled primarily by the working poor as they made their way to jobs in the homes of the affluent: And, this being Malibu, the neighbors who complained—though not necessarily of the stature of a big-city mayor and a couple of business titans known for their political savvy and lavish contributions to candidates and causes—are no slouches.

The bronze statues and classical motifs familiar to most war memorials would have anchored the event being commemorated firmly in the make my essay sound more sophisticated. Get weekly updates in my free newsletter. The sun is still sleeping as nannies, maids and hotel workers wait for the first Route 57 bus in downtown Santa Ana.

But the simple aspiration offers a glimpse of Los Angeles at its best and worst. Rather than find spam or grammatical errors, it locates and flags commonly used cliches. Use the 2nd person singular.

Curran, 61, is one of the reasons Southern California Edison Co. One sign is the rapidly growing field of feng shui consulting. Nearly every real estate office in Southern California seems to have a tale about how buyers or sellers, including a large proportion of non-Chinese, have made surprising compromises in pursuit of good feng shui.

But as court officials and committees insisted that more and more information be included, the summons form that was once relatively easy to understand has become a complex, text-laden document with folding instructions that appear to require a knowledge of origami.

But a house that is in a quiet place, like this place. No story allows for these qualities to be injected simultaneously or to the same degree, but we need more stories that use more of them. Find an emerging trend on your beat …as in this piece about how an increasing number of home sales were being affected by feng shui, a tale a real estate writer kept hearing from her sources.

Grade Level which is calculated using several methods defines the probable grade level of education required to understand the passage. They are classmates at East Los Angeles College, and they share a goal: By the time janitor Rosa Alvarenga left El Salvador nine years ago, forces were already in motion that would push her to a picket line in Woodland Hills.

His voice is tinged by the drawl of rocker culture, but is disarmingly upbeat. That was all well and good for them, and it satisfied the Coastal Commission staff. Shutterstock Images In business, how you write and speak is who people think you are.

It was, he warned her, bad feng shui: Use only those quotes that matter …as in this story, in which the writer kept re-interviewing her subjects, determined to get quotes that could bring common-sense wisdom to the abstract.

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Nerissa Rosete fell in love with a pricey South Orange County home, especially its impressive view of the mountains. Parks repeatedly has said Garcetti was going too slow in his Rampart investigation, refusing to prosecute the Rampart officers accused of wrongdoing.Dec 22,  · How can I make my thesis sound more sophisticated?

Hi there, I have to write an essay of 4, words called the Extended Essay for my International Baccalaureate course.

I am writing about Cormac McCarthy's pulitzer prize winning novel The Resolved. 'I want my writing to be more sophisticated' In an effort to illustrate the wide range of sensibilities that can lift good stories to very good, I pulled the following excerpts from my newspaper during a.

The first stylistic aspect of your writing that will make it sound more sophisticated is in your sentence structure. Two common structures that are attributed to amateur writers are in examples listed below. In business, how you write (and speak) is who people think you are.

If you have lousy grammar, use tired cliches, spout biz-blab, or dress up five-cent ideas in five-dollar words, people secretly. Jan 31,  · How can I make my writing sound more sophisticated? Are there any site or tips that you have to help me improve my writing.

I want to be better at explaining things, rather than just writing, this shows. It definitely makes you sound more sophisticated if you know, for example, that an antihero is not the same thing as a villain Status: Resolved.

Write an actual sophisticated essay instead of trying to make it sound sophisticated with big words that you might not understand how to use correctly. In other words, learn to take sophisticated lines of enquiry and perspectives — then write in your own words and own style from those lines.

Make my essay sound more sophisticated
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