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The assumption behind democracy is based on an assumption that incorporates important means and ends joined with the freedom of contemplation and self-government. They should also have an understanding of the issues, this to me is what democracy should be.

Becker knew the reasons we got our independence from England and feels like maybe we lost sight of that. Such moral standards and qualities are factors coupled with the previously mentioned conditions that will make democracy function Becker, The last part of his speech talks about the theological aspects of democracy.

I never did anything until the last second. You should do a quick search on the internet and find several sources that describe and critique the American form of government. Becker exemplifies the meaning of democracy by comparing its definition with other systems of leadership that existed at the time.

The most important part of democracy is thought by most people as, a government of the people, by the people, for the people. This is important because freedom is the backbone of democracy. He enrolled at the University of Wisconsin—Madison in as an undergraduate, and while there, he gradually gained an interest in studying history.

Ideal Democracy

If you can learn this skill, you can produce good work very quickly. With the expansion of Christianity these thoughts were more uncommon. In the thirteenth century the key words would no doubt be God, sin, grace, salvation, heaven and the like; in the nineteenth century, matter, fact, matter-of-fact, evolution, progress; in the twentieth century, relativity, process, adjustment, function, complex.

Becker is known primarily for his ideas concerning the writing of history. His purpose for writing this piece is to inform people about what democracy is to him and how we as Americans have to be more intelligent when it comes to democracy. Becker illustrates this by adding that the citizens are accorded with the privileges of common will in which they are able to appoint or summon magistrates, enact or annul the rules by which the community is governed Becker, He uses words that are very colorful and at sometimes a little confusing, but he give context that makes it easy to understand.

Apart from the conditions that Becker presents as platforms to ensure success of a democratic government, Becker emphasizes that there are certain qualities that are required on top of the conditions provided. Relativist historians reject the idea of an objective, wholly knowable past.

This is not to say that there is one term for democracy.(Full name Carl Lotus Becker) American historian and philosopher. Becker is known primarily for his ideas concerning the writing of history. He is included prominently among the New or Progressive. Answer to Hi,I need to do a formal presentation about Carl becker's Ideal Democracy essay and I jread the text but it is not easy.

Carl Becker (September 7, –April 10, ) is often listed among the proponents of the “New History” in the early part of the century.

A Critique of Carl Becker’s “Ideal Democracy” As one of the most renowned historians of American history, Carl Becker advocated profoundly for the inculcation of democracy into the prevailing American government in the early 20 th century.

Carl Becker “Ideal Democracy” QUESTIONS FOR CRITICAL READING 1. Becker says freedom of thought and the competition of diverse opinions will reveal the truth.

The United States: An Experiment in Democracy () The Declaration of Independence—A Study in the History of Political Ideas (, ) Works by or about Carl L. Becker at Internet Archive.

Ideal democracy carl becker
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