Funny opening lines business presentations

The key is to use very clear, accurate and relevant information in order to truly engage your audience. Jokes Humor is extremely powerful and is often used effectively.

Check out a visualized version of this blogpost below! Make them your own, and you will appear more natural and fluid in your performance.

5 Killer Ways to Open Up Your Next Presentation

What do you think? So, how do you enchant an audience right off the bat? Your opening lines set the tone for your overall performance, so a great opener will prepare and intrigue the audience and ensure that your message is effectively received.

Make sure you have a scope for your target audience before you dive into a dud of a joke. Stories Stories are always memorable. A good joke can loosen up your audience and make them more receptive to you as a person as well as to your message.

Like all things, these methods are only suggestions and their effectiveness depends heavily on delivery. He then made it relevant to his target market of the common consumer by explaining that 5 gigabytes of data gets you up to songs.

Here are 5 methods that we have found work the best for beginning a presentation. We crave stories because we all have them.

A solid statistic places your incoming message in a concrete, irrefutable and trusted frame of reference. Just make sure you follow up the quote with an explanation of how it empowers your topic and how it is relevant.

You are imparting wisdom on your audience while creating a segway into your own topic. Questions A question is an excellent tool for jump-starting audience engagement. Use these techniques in your next presentation to prepare, engage, control and entertain your audience.

A bad joke can be worse than no joke at all. Be warned, though, that humor is highly volatile. A question also makes the audience think for themselves about a topic that you control.

Statistics Normally, numbers or any type of data can seem boring in a presentation. Since you have primed the audience with a nugget of value, your information now appears to be equally as valuable.

Data not only provides your presentation with a trusted source, but also lends credibility to everything you say thereafter. This is a great way to set and reinforce the agenda of your choice while giving the audience a sense of power.

Proposing this shared experience with your audience allows them to identify with you on a personal level. Watch how he opens his presentation here with his own story of serendipity and how his story created a playful and engaging bond with the audience, setting the tone for the rest of the presentation.

We are huge fans of feedback! Quotes Referencing the words and thoughts of an expert in relation to your message is useful for establishing an overarching theme or general idea about the topic.

However, when used correctly, statistics can be very effective in illuminating your topic.So don't get hung up on having a dramatic opening. My advice is to match your presentation opening to your level of presentation competence and confidence.

Here are my suggestions: Level 1 - The Organized add humour with some funny lines – but if nobody laughs its not a disaster because it’s just part of the story I feel weird.

OPENING LINES & ICE BREAKERS FOR SPEAKERS. By Ross Shafer. I have been a comedian and public speaker for the past fifteen years. I’ve found that the.

The same applies to a presentation. The first 30 seconds of your talk is crucial. This is the time your listeners form an impression of you, and of what's to follow. Best Business Quotes From The Silver Screen and The Best Business Wisdom Hidden In Classic Movie Quotes. 8. Arouse curiosity.

Scrambling to create a business presentation? Here's a tip. Start with a slide showing a series of funny quotes just to warm up the room. It makes people realize your talk is. What is the funniest opening line that you have heard (or said) in a public speech?

Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. The point is that things can be funny for many reasons. As in the above case, because the speaker at the school prize day is utterly drunk and being rude to the headmaster.

So I’ll give you a PowerPoint presentation instead. Posted in Funny Speech Openers, Marriage Jokes, Relationship Jokes, Religious Jokes Vice President Joke In the year Joe Lieberman ran for president, being that he was the first potential Jew in high office he was given a lot of attention.

Funny opening lines business presentations
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