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In such a situation, there is no alternative but for the state government to interfere. It can lead directly to lifelong mental problems. This kind of punishment was generally practiced during the medieval period, and is very old-fashioned.

There are studies that show that spankings can be an effective disciplinary tool when it is used at the proper time, with explanation and with firmness. Sometimes, children get pressurized by parents to score highest marks or stand first in the class due to which some students take the wrong steps like cheatingit may hamper the growth of the child, or excessive pressure may lead to commit suicides.

The mental anguish, particularly for vulnerable students, can last a lifetime. There are those that believe that statistics such as this are vital to understanding the serious threats developmental problems that a child may experience as a result of spankings.

For instance, a student of class XII from a popular school in Udaipur and a student from Delhi Municipality Corporation School died due to the beating, they received from their school teacher.

Essay punishment necessary school conclude, it must always be borne in our mind that teaching is one of the noblest professions where one imparts knowledge to others. So, all in all a child needs a sympathetic treatment and sound advice, which lead to create a better generation.

There is unfortunately no national law banning cruel or unusual punishment in schools. Corporal punishment may not be effective in some cases, but when carried out properly there may be positive change.


Giving punishment to a child or an adult for doing something wrong often serves a good purpose. According to Niolancorporal punishment is related to an increased aggression in children and that treating aggression with aggression increases the risk of aggressive behavior by Harsh whipping and canning in the hands and legs can damage the bones and muscles paralyzing him completely.

Sexual abuse is a major topic in schools and parents are rightly worried about the chances of this abuse manifesting itself. Teachers should deal with their students patiently, advising and guiding them in every sphere of life. We all know that children need to be held responsible and that punishment is necessary when they break rules, but what type of punishment is the best.

So far, only six Indian states have banned the cane in schools. They used to use whips made of Birch and they hurt.

They offer up a punishment without the abuse. The biggest complaint of those against corporal punishment is violent aggression.

Being firm is important but should not mean that the spanking is going to be more painful than it should be.

It is up to the individual states to create legislation in reference to corporal punishment. Physically punishing a child for aggressive actions is like treating a drunk with alcohol which would only result in a detrimental effect and just escalate things even more.

People with bad habits can be made to give up their muddy modes of life with patience and perseverance. Where and how exactly they should be beaten should be left to the scientists. There should be communication with the child explaining the spanking and why their action was inappropriate.

Submit a Comment Your email address will not be published. National Policy on Education directs the school authority to take necessary action in the matter, so that the pernicious practice of affecting physical and mental health of children can be nipped in the bud.

There are some people who would say scolding of school children and verbal intimidation should not be outlawed. What is interesting is that studies have shown that roughly two thirds of abusive parent to child occurrences began as a physical disciplinary action Smith, If you beat them up when young they learn to act like a young adult, the sooner they think like an adult rather than teenager the sooner they act and become and adult.

Logical consequence punishment is probably one of the most used forms of discipline, other than spanking. But they are too often cowed by school authorities to raise their voice. It serves as a deterrent and a warning that he should not commit a wrong and get away with it.- The most important argument in favour of corporal punishment, which is the excuse of most of the parents when they are asked to stop the physical punishment, is that it teaches discipline to the children.

School punishment is a hierarchy of penalties used to punish infractions of rules in a school setting. Giving punishment to a child or an adult for doing something wrong often serves a good purpose.

Is Corporal Punishment Necessary to Discipline Children Essay Sample. ntroduction to PsychologyInstructor Stephanie Anderson September 8, Is Corporal Punishment Necessary to Discipline Children Is corporal punishment considered to be an effective form of discipline for children We have all been privy to occurrences of corporal punishment to discipline children a mother.

Is Corporal Punishment Necessary to Discipline Children Essay Sample

Corporal punishment comes in different forms, there is teachers punishing students as discipline, and then there is the most common form of corporal punishment which is the punishment. Sep 16,  · There's still time for high school students to submit an essay on their moving experience, and potentially joachim rojahn dissertations real women essay A easy & effective way to deal with your dissertation.

Yes. I'm 12 years old and I think students need corporal punishment. My school deosn't hit so my freinds thinks that teachers are weak. They will think that evn though they make a problem teachers won't hit them so he or she will make more big problems.

Essay punishment necessary school
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