Essay on my experience in examination hall

So he left the hall with no completing his paper. I could not get a wink of sleep- My heart was throbbing with fear.

Essay on Scene in an Examination Hall for School Students

Suicides are also increasing due to this undue importance to Exams. The bell rang and all the candidates hurried into the examination hall. The examinees tie up the answer-books. Last half hour was reserved for revision. At this event there was a stir in the hall. Half an hour each was devoted to essay writing, grammar, precis writing and letter writing.

The examinees are sitting on the seats allotted to them and their mind is busy making guesses about the paper. As I fetched the question paper I felt a hit Confused. I searched my pockets to ensure that there was no objectionable piece of paper in them.

I had swotted for it and yet I had a lurking fear that I would not do well. Examinations bring degrees and careers to successful candidates.

I got up earlier than usual, had a quick bath and started revising my notes. I learnt a lot about the precautions to be taken and instruction to be followed during period of exam. If they devote their time to their study, they are sure to do well in all papers.

414 words essay on my experiences in the examination hall

The work of the students is now determined by their success in examinations. Other examine were seen looking hither and thither.

They come like electric shocks to students. My heart beat normally. I read the question paper carefully once and again. The instant I was climb stairs, the first bell rang. Precis was not too hard and was not beyond our grasp. I dropped my notes and put on a forced smile on my face just to look cheerful and composed to others.

Even those of us who are meritorious and brilliant suffer from examination phobia. It was an intelligent paper. When they come, even the gayest of them forget all play and turn worshippers at the altar of books day and night.

Each candidate is supplied with an answer book and a question paper. So I got ready to sit for three hours in the examination hall and do my best. The controller of the examination read about the instructions of Board to students.Essay on Examination Article shared by Examinations are important but increase the stress level of students, this is further compounded by parental and teachers expectations.

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Essay on Examination

Words Essay on My Experiences in the Examination Hall Article shared by The experiences of sitting in the examination hall are really full of torture, great tension, mental agony and excitement, even if the examinee happens to be a topper in the class.

Sep 13,  · three hours in examination hall Points: Introduction – An examination hall is thrill and excitement – Conclusion. Examinations have become a very important and essential feature of our academic institution. A day before the examination is, a fateful day for the students.

Many of them do not put in the right type of labour, and just try their luck in the examination hall Related Articles: Essay on Scene in an Examination Hall for School Students.

Essay on my experience in examination hall
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