Effective college writing a process-genre approaches

Some things I want to study: Do you have e-mail access? Other stories with open endings or with unexpected twists in the end that require the reader to take an active part in the overall interpretation are: You are now in charge of compiling a set of short stories which will be read and discussed in the English II class next year.

You already know the English II class you are a member. This task is highly recommended for students with low morale who feel they are not making much progress in EFL learning. After analysing some samples in class and exploring the formal characteristics and some of the linguistic strategies displayed in electronic discourse, the students can be invited to try their hands at computer-mediated-communication.

Writing a Letter to the Author of a Story Short stories provide stimulating ways to explore the potentialities of the linguistic system, and their inclusion in the language class in English training centres is common practice nowadays. Honeymoon by a river? Other possibilities include writing to tourist boards, embassies, museums and charity organizations.

Instructions You will be the editor of your personal anthology, that is, a compilation of those works that best reflect your own personality, interests and tastes. Write about your first meeting with the person you now love or like very much.

Pluck up courage and give it a try. Ways to find out if you like or love somebody: So relax, meet a new friend and start writing. This compilation should contain: Here are some guidelines.

You can clear up your doubts with a good dictionary!. For example, you can jot down what you have done that day, your plans for tomorrow, poetry, a story, complaints, how difficult English is, your reflections on an experience that struck you, current news items, your fantasies, a letter, a quotation that caught your attention, the lyrics of a song you love with a few comments of your own and so on.

It will then be shared with the class, so that you and your classmates can get to know each other better.

Interactive Writing in the EFL Class: A Repertoire of Tasks

Dahl The Escape W. A student committee will select the most creative piece and the author s will receive a miniature lamb as a gift. Submit it to the editor of our class magazine for publication. Would you like to contact e-mail key-pals? Four Weddings and a Funeral Tell us about Yourself Choose one of the following topices and write words.

What do you hope for in the person you might eventually marry? The focus is on critical and analytical skills while reporting about and reflecting on their own experiences, feelings and ideas. Write your own imaginary poem looking back on forty years of marriage. Surf the Web and make a link with partners from other countries and cultures!.

Their data will provide the right corpora for comparison and contrast between spoken and written discourse, spotting the politeness codes, the language registers, the nettiquette codes, the expression of emotions using emoticons and the like.

Her unexpected reaction allows us to discover another facet of her personality. This writing task involves a combination of cognitive skills such as reading and text-finding, evaluating and comparing alternatives, carrying out some prior investigation on genre or text type, agreeing on a course of action, meaning-construction and composing, deciding on text features, evaluating prior knowledge, voice, perspective and context.

Have you made your choice? At an elementary level, journal writing can be implemented as follows adapted from D. For example, our current short story booklet is organized round the following topics: The underlying metacognitive process that takes place during writing involves cumulative mental operations e.

Lamb to the Slaughter deals with the relationship between a pregnant woman and her husband. I read English what? Is it possible or is it just a human law to organize society in a better and perhaps, simpler way?Presents a framework for interactive writing and a set of tasks to engage EFL learners in the production of real texts to achieve particular discursive purposes.

Effective college writing a process-genre approaches
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