Ecology petroleum and caspian sea

The Caspian seal is the smallest seal is native to the Caspian is classed as vulnerable by the international Union for the Conversation of Nature. This deposit is the largest one in the Europe. Petroleum and Caspian Sea People from ancient times has an impact on the environment. The flame in this area has been resulted from the burning of natural gas flowing to the surface from the underground oil and gas storing layers through cracks that was caused by volcanic-tectonic movements and processes.

The lack of regional cooperation among the Caspian Sea countries continued to undermine individual state efforts to protect the sea and surrounding region. The Zander and the Caspian thorn fish have disappeared.

We will write a custom essay sample on Ecology: The mud with medical treatment properties is located in the Absheron PeninsulaMasazir Lake, Gobustan and Lower Kura and in areas where mud volcanoes outbursts are pervasive. Water pollution has reached such proportions that in the basins of several rivers breached natural biological and hydro chemical regimes.

The contamination from phenols, oil products particularly oil extraction and pipeline construction has contributed to the pollution of about 30, hectares of land.

Now in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan new development projects are required to carry environmental insurance. In Kazakhstan there are only 3 repository for nuclear waste and they are all located in the aquifer.

This group includes rock-salt, gypsumanhydridebentonite clays, building materials, pyritebaritesemi-precious and colorful stones, dolomiteIcelandic quarry and so on.

At the beginning of the 19th century the cotton industry was being developed in Guba and Baku.

Barbarous, destructive attitude of the central departments of natural resources of Kazakhstan led Sometimes, the height of flame reaches 10—15 meters. A lack of regional cooperation, highlighted by the still unresolved legal status of the Caspian Sea.

This leads to the beginning of extraction works to the ecology of the Caspian basin. Zyryanovsk lead and Leninogorsk polymetallic complexes have led to contamination of the Irtysh.

The largest oil and gas condensate fields are located in the AbsheronBaku archipelagi and the Lower Kuryani regions. That seriousness of the problem of radioactive contamination has led to one of the first laws of sovereign Kazakhstan was the decree of The pyrite, chalcopyrite, antimonite, magnetite, hematite, sphalerite and other minerals are in association with Kinovar ore.

Natural Resources of Azerbaijan

Without increasing cooperation by the littoral countries, the country of the environment in the Caspian Sea and surrounding areas will remain threatened. Alarming environmental situation prevailing in the valley of the rivers Ili and the Urals.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the cotton industry area was expanded in Azerbaijan due to Russian textile industry being down. The annual dust storms spread the salt on the vast territory of Eurasia.

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The field of Bentonite clay is identified in GobustanGoranboyShekietc. The Caspian Sea still has miles of undeveloped Coastline. The countries of the region have begun to take measures to prevent pollution. Some fish species have been included into the red book.

Unexpected flooding has caused lot of damages to residential areas. It is estimated those one million cubic meters of untreated industrial wastewater is discharged into the Caspian annually.

Soil, biological resources, water energy. Estimated potential reserve of Aidagh tuffs is 20 mln tons. Wastewater Karaganda synthetic rubber plant, mercury-containing contaminated river Nura and Nurinskoe reservoir.

The pollution has weakened their immune systems. The mineral content of copper-pyrite formations is mainly composed of pyrite and chalcopyrite. They consist of separate stocks, with total inventory of million tons.

Ecology: Petroleum and Caspian Sea

A lot of gas condensate fields have been explored and executed during the last 30—50 years. Of the rivers of southern Kazakhstan the most polluted Badam and Talas. Volga River the largest splits into a thousand smaller streams as it flows through a largely uninhabited delta feeding into the Caspian Sea.

The oil and gas industry are the most valuable among the other resources. The flammable gases produced in the country are hydrocarbons composed.In this information-packed volume, the authors present mathematical models and analyses for evaluating, assessing, and describing the petroleum geology of the oil-rich South Caspian Sea Basin, including eastern Azerbaijan and western Turkmenistan.

Their mathematical models include descriptions of the development and structure of the.  Ecology Ecology is the study of interactions between organisms and the living and non-living components of their environment.

It involves collecting information about organisms and observing their life patterns as well. Simulated Petroleum Seepage in Caspian Sea Sediments Marion H.

Stagars1,Sonakshi Mishra2,Tina Treude2,3,4,Rudolf Amann1 and Katrin Knittel1* 1 Department of Molecular Ecology, Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, Bremen, Germany, 2 Department of Marine Biogeochemistry.

The of the widely known mud volcanoes on the Earth are located in the east of Azerbaijan and in the Caspian Sea boundary. Most of the mud volcanoes are spread over Baku and the Absheron Peninsula, and some of them have been formed as a natural monument.

The Regulation on the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of. Free Essay: Department of oil-gas industry Oil-gas industry division Safety in Petroleum Industry”(Ecological Management) ISW Ecological problems of.

Ecological problems of oil exploitation in the Caspian Sea area. Author links open overlay panel I.M Efendiyeva. Show more. The Caspian Sea's ecology In conjunction to petroleum operations in the Caspian Sea region, some factors such as the ion balance and the degree of seawater mineralization should also be studied.

Ecology petroleum and caspian sea
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