Dental case studies


Sufficient initial stability was achieved for an open-tray impression to be made at the time of surgery. Radiography confirmed preservation of the crestal bone at the implant site. It is a great and relaxing way for students to learn the anatomy!

The patient returned to the office three months post-placement. A custom abutment and monolithic zirconia crown were digitally fabricated from the final impression. The diagrams have numbered leader lines with the labels given in a table below each diagram so that students can mask these out for purposes of self-testing.

The patient presented with a horizontally fractured tooth The tooth was extracted atraumatically. An X-ray confirmed complete seating of the abutment.

Featuring an array of coloring and labeling activities, the DACB provides an easy, fun, and effective way to memorize the structures of the head and neck region as well as the basic body systems affecting dentistry. An esthetic emergence profile was achieved despite the bone limitations present at the time of implant placement.

Coloring is being used in formal therapeutic settings such as eye-hand coordination development and to help heal victims of trauma.

Radiography was used to confirm proper mesial-distal positioning as the surgical procedure progressed. Healthy tissue and ridge thickness were evident after four months of healing. A conservative envelope flap was created to evaluate the residual ridge prior to implant placement.

Perfect addition to my dental hygiene books!!! A cover screw was hand-tightened into the implant.

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Patient with removable partial denture requested a permanent solution to his missing lateral incisor. Each chapter includes several images that you are asked to color and connect with corresponding labels. Four months after surgery, a closed-tray impression was taken of the healed implant sites.

The final custom abutment and BruxZir Solid Zirconia crown were digitally fabricated. Preoperative radiograph of fractured tooth Access to online student resources on the Evolve companion website for Illustrated Anatomy of the Head and Neck, 4th Edition, including use of the Body Spectrum electronic anatomy coloring book from Elsevier site.

So take a break from your studies and find your creative center! Care was taken to preserve the buccal plate during extraction of the tooth. A resorbable membrane was placed.

Dental Case Studies

Despite limited space, the 3. The final restoration established a natural emergence profile and an excellent long-term prognosis.Dentist's Advantage Case Studies August Damage to Lingual Nerve During Tooth Removal – Permanent Numbness and Loss of Taste - $, Verdict: July Alleged Negligence During Root Canal Repair – Defense Verdict Failure to Properly Address Dental Abscess and Infection – Hospitalization with Tracheostomy – New.

Our dental case studies have been provided to offer you insights into the complex issues involved in patient care and are ideal for use in the classroom. Case Studies for Dental Hygiene Patient Care Dental Hygienists are a community of professionals devoted to the prevention of oral disease and the promotion and improvement of the public's health.

Dental hygienists are preventive oral health professionals who provide educational, clinical, and therapeutic services to the public. Dental Case Studies Advancements are constantly being made in canine and feline oral care procedures.

Here you will find real-world veterinary examples of how oral conditions are currently being treated. Case Study: A year-old male presented to a dental office for a routine checkup.

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Examination revealed a nonhealing ulceration of the lower lip. Dental Case Studies - Dr. Jack Hahn proudly presents clinical case studies. View images from a variety of cases using the Hahn Tapered Implant System.

Dental case studies
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