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Parliament and James clashed over custom duties.

The Causes of the English Civil War

The Long Parliament, as it was known, sat from 3 November,for 13 years, until Oliver Cromwell suppressed it. Although Charles tried to ask for more money, Parliament refused, because they believed he spent it on his favourites.

Since the judges in the Star Chamber were officials of the Crown, and there was no jury, Charles could be sure Civil war 1642 essay getting a favourable result.

These were duties imposed on certain imports and exports. In conclusion, we can see there were several reasons that all built up and lead to the civil war. In Charles ordered that everyone in the country should pay Ship Money.

In those times religion was very important, and if you went to heaven or hell so if Civil war 1642 essay argued with Charles they may get sent to hell. Charles I and Parliament argued about money, this was down to the fact that Charles wasted lots of money on extravagant parties, pointless wars and drinking this meant that he always seemed to need more money.

Rich men were persuaded to buy titles. Charles, a firm believer in the Divine Right of Kings, thought that he should not have to rule with Parliament, and the only thing that kept him calling it was money2. This was historically a tax paid by coastal towns and villages to pay for the upkeep of the navy.

James died in leaving Charles to rule with a bad start and introduction to the crown. This made the king dislike John Pym. This essay will explain how all these causes combined led to the outbreak of the Civil War.

While Laud was Archbishop, he made many changes to the Church. He believed that no-one could argue with him and if they did they would be arguing with god. I believe this to be the main cause as money started many arguments between Charles and Parliament. Parliament agreed that the Prayer Book was too Catholic, so Charles dissolved them again, but after he ran out of money to pay the Scots see the Money section above he was forced to call Parliament again.

There was nationwide rioting, because no one wanted to follow the new Prayer Book. If people refused to pay they would be put in prison.

It turned out that the execution of Strafford had been a mistake. He also opened a Court of Star Chamber, which he used to fine people heavily to raise money.

Because of this, Charles had to get himself more money. InArchbishop Laud decided to introduce the English Prayer Book which stated how services should be run into Scotland.

It listed all the things Charles had done wrong in his reign, suggested less power for bishops, and said that Parliament should have power over the Church and the appointment of Royal ministers. In one sense, Charles was correct, but such was the relationship between him and the powerful men of the kingdom, that this issue caused a huge argument between both sides.

However, Charles had shown his true side. However Parliament controlled the money in the nation and James was always short of it. He was forced to pay the Scots? The reason Parliament granted so few taxes was that they wanted to make sure they were called again. Putting an army into the field to deal with the Scots put a heavy drain on the royal finances, so Charles needed to levy a tax, which he could only do with the consent of Parliament.

When Charles needed money he went to Parliament as he believed one of the only ways of getting money easily was to increase tax and Parliament were the only ones who could increase taxes. Parliament were angered greatly as they were not happy with the way Charles ruled but they were unable to do anything about it unless Charles listened to them.Origin of Kingship1.

During his reign, many events took place which led to the English Civil War in and which ended up with the public execution of Charles I. This essay will discuss and deal with the different factors that gave rise to the English Civil War.

Origins of the English Civil War Essay - The English Civil War of can be considered as a feud between the King and the English Parliament.

English Civil War 1642

Long before the onset of the civil war, Parliament and king Charles I had distrusted each other. As a result, Parliament often refused to finance the king’s wars. The English Civil War History Essay.

The English civil war began in England in between the English king Charles the I and the English parliament, it ended in with the victory of the parliament (English civil war history learning site). King Charles had declared war on his own people, the country of England. The English Civil War has many causes but the personality of Charles I must be counted as one of the major reasons.

Few people could have predicted that the civil war, that started inwould have ended with the public execution of Charles. Inwar broke out between two armies led by the King and Parliament. There were several causes of this conflict, some of which were to do with power, some concerning money and others connected to religion.

This essay will explain how all these causes combined led to the outbreak of the Civil War. - The civil war broke out inand was a war that is within a country, it has many reasons for happening.

This essay will explain and categorise the main cause’s fop the civil war. I will start by listing the genres of events.

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