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What is your attitude towards this competition? On the day of a pageant, parents only have one thing in mind, and that is to take home a title or a trophy. That would be a typical child beauty pageant scene.

Child beauty pageants started to become the target of increased controversy and media scrutiny after the murder of beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey. Exposes the child to the dangers of being in the public eye 3.

The opinions of experts are mounting against those on the sides of the pageants, however.

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Girls believe that they should strive to look better, because it is the only way to express themselves and to make others like and respect them. However, why change the concept when beauty pageants did not require any makeup when they first started.

Promotes self-esteem and builds confidence 2. A photograph of JonBenet Ramsey at a beauty pageant. In the month of December, at age 6, her mother found a note in the kitchen at approximately 5: An average child beauty pageant is a loud event, which involves stress, money, bribe, cheating, jealousy and anger.

Shows that portray young female children as eye-catching women, also appeal sick people into child pornography. Beauty pageants have been a popular subject for feminism for many decades, but only recently has particular attention fallen to the matter of child pageants and the possible harm they are doing to children and the cultural image of children in general.

It does not worth mentioning that child beauty pageants were organized for entertainment.

Child beauty pageant essays Given these health-related problems, who in the world would risk their child to join pageants and acquire these problems that may soon manifest as long term disorders in life? A lot of child advocates and psychologists have already spoken out against child beauty pageants and claim that these pageants are not in the best interest of healthy child development.

Finally, it is a good chance to earn money and scholarship, because many organizations provide winners with various financial prizes and discounts on their goods and services. Pageants can damage the self-esteem of a young girl when things do not go as she would hope Nussbaum, Such propaganda comes directly from the pageant organizers, but a positive spin cannot erase the simple fact that these women merely see a chance to further their own careers through virtue of their physical attributes.

Now we have these girls browsing on how to become these things. Obviously, it affects their nerves and wellbeing. When a girl takes part in the competition of this kind, she believes that her appearance is more important than her character, mind and feelings.

Children did not have enough entertainment too. I should say that it is the best experience for a child to learn how to behave in front of the big audience. Whatever complaints the opponents of beauty pageants have, they cannot ignore the significance of these events to the culture of any population they are held in: Parents should teach their children to maintain their natural beauty, because when a little girl wears makeup, it affects her skin badly.

From the very beginning, they have presented a disturbing and confusing concept of child beauty:Also, beauty pageants, they say, are meant to make the child realize and understand that there is a competition out there and that joining a beauty pageant is one means to preparing her to face the challenges in order to succeed in the future.

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Category: Argumentative Persuasive Essays; Title: Exploitation in Child Beauty Pageants. My Account.

Exploitation in Child Beauty Pageants. Exploitation in Child Beauty Pageants. Length: - A child beauty pageant can be described as a contest featuring contestants from ages below one year to eighteen years old. They first started in Child beauty pageants send inappropriate messages to young girls about how they should act in society.

Child beauty pageant contestants are taught that if. Essays; Child Beauty Pageants; My real curiosity is how a beauty pageant judges beauty when the girls are all made up? The message is clear that the judges need to see makeup and thinness in order for a child to be considered for the beauty queen title.

Some children participate in pageants at such a young age that it is all they know.

Child Beauty Pageants

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“The lifestyle of child beauty pageant participants has proven to be one full of stress and negative self-evaluation which can ultimately lead to a number of mental and physical.

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