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Penn College students in demand at Career Fair

And was it her imagination, or did the girl give her hand a soft stroke Career fair story her fingers as she released it? But Bethany never heard anything more about it and it never seemed like anyone had gotten into trouble. It was a topic that had been bothering her for some time; attending the career fairs just amped up the feelings.

The girl looked at her strangely. By this point in the semester, many seniors in technology-focused majors have secured full-time, postgraduate employment. Even more so now that sex between them had all but stopped. But at least he was fully clothed, Bethany thought, as opposed to the girl.

She sighed, watching him blend into the crowd. This is a big event where basically you have hundreds of companies coming in allowing you to present yourself in front of them.

At the time, Bethany had been appalled, but now, leaning back in her chair, she could almost smile at the memory. Next to her were a young black man and a red-headed girl in a fairly skimpy dress, recruiting for a second-rate regional bank that was unlikely to hire more than a half-dozen applicants in total this summer from all the colleges where it recruited.

At other schools, the education may be more theoretical. She was extremely jealous of these students, who were no doubt having the times of their lives at college and whose futures spread out before them in a limitless vista.

The funny Engineering Career Fair story we all go through

This was partly due to the hundreds of college students milling around her in the atrium of the Prentiss College Student Union. Her visitors, in contrast, were clad mostly in black.

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We have good prospects who are graduating this year, and we have a series of very good prospects for as well. In her early days as Sullivan Thomas, when she had wanted to flee what she termed "that den of inequity" he had adamantly argued against it, saying that they needed the money too much.

Bethany had never seen anything like it before.

Career Fair

They seemed to pierce right through her, holding Bethany spellbound for a few moments. Shultz, coordinator of career development. She might have been ten, maybe fifteen pounds over what some might say was her ideal weight, but she carried it extremely well.

Dozens of companies looking to hire at Saturday career fair

It really is a great place to work. And that had turned out to be true. Not that you look bad or anything. She certainly held it for perhaps just a second or two longer than was normal. Bethany could still remember her very first week there.

Internships are always a possibility.More than 70 employers will pack Florida Gulf Coast University’s Alico Arena on Wednesday, May 2, for the second annual regional career fair.

Jim Wall, spokesman for CareerSource Southwest Florida, said the region’s economy is evolving. Dozens of career opportunities will be up for grabs this weekend. The Opportunity Memphis Career Fair will run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, August 4, at Pipkin Center ( Early Maxwell Boulevard).

Bob Cunningham, right, from Fishers, interviews with Samuel Barajas at the Walmart job fair, Tuesday, May 15, Walmart is having a two-day job fair May 15 and 16 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, in Grand Hall, from 10am-8pm. They are hoping to fill jobs in the Plainfield store.

If the recent Career Fair at Pennsylvania College of Technology is an accurate gauge, that estimate is conservative. Nearly employers — including 15 Fortune companies — filled two campus locations to capacity, offering more than 2, jobs and internships.

The career fair will be held Thursday, Aug. 2, from 2 to 5 p.m. at the W.K. Kellogg Auditorium at 50 Van Buren St. W. Anyone wanting additional information on the fair or with questions about eligibility can contact Legacy Scholars at () Wayne Metro is hosting a career fair Tuesday in Allen Park with job openings across the area.

Post to Facebook 9 metro Detroit cities need to fill education jobs: How to apply Wayne Metro is hosting a career fair Tuesday in .

Career fair story
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