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A serious challenge to the consolidation of data at RR Communication will be consolidating all of the different information from around the firm into a single enterprise data warehouse.

In addition, asserting that the shared service is just a common system under which all other operations run will assure them that their roles will not change much. This has led to many problems such as customers complaining of having receipts for each of the four products offered by the company and would prefer having one receipt for all their transactions.

For the IT department, it would be quite expensive having a database at each division. Establishing this framework now will offer increased benefits as more systems are built off the central repository.

The lack of centralized management for so long has caused significant discord between the departments that will take considerable effort to overcome. Accounts managers were placed throughout the chain of command.

A centralized EDW means that only one record should exist for each customer and reduce data discrepancies. In addition, this company attitude has filtered down from the VPs to the middle and lower management creating an overall atmosphere that is dangerously disjointed. Conclusion RR is having problems because of lack of a common service center.

Storage costs increase as the same information may be stored and backed up across multiple databases, again wasting resources. The governance that needs to be put in place is the alignment of divisional units with the IT department.

In addition, the metadata repository should be designed with the ability to hook into other systems that are developed to provide information to mother systems as necessary. The problem lies with the decentralized operations where each business unit has a mandate to operate independently.

Another problem would arise for the culture set by the independent divisions prior to the implementation of a single service center. The first step to the implementation of this strategy will require assurances that it will benefit the whole company far more than the current system that is facing opposition from not only the customers but also other stakeholders such as the suppliers.

These metrics will identify areas of weakness and avenues of improvement. Some employees who have been used to the old system will require to be trained how to work harmoniously with a single service center.

A three-point strategy can be used to gain their support. Another way to improve the odds of success to a centralized data structure is by appointing a team to oversee the maintenance of the data warehouse from an enterprise level. Each entity division has bought its own software, hardware and has there own customer service centers.

There is also need of ensuring metrics are aligned with transparency, and ensure that IT is in congruence with business operations. To achieve the greatest benefit to the company, RR Communications could consolidate its data from multiple silos into a unified enterprise data warehouse EDW Smaltz, The divisional IT service means having separate audits for every division.

When data is spread throughout multiple databases, invariable some of it will differ. The lack of a centralized customer care center is making it hard to provide unified services to customers.

Devise an implantation strategy that would guarantee the support of the divisional presidents for the shared customer service center. Finding opportunities to demonstrate small success would help show the support being given to the divisions. Outsourcing options were a topic of discussion but would require more centralization.

By providing a centralized database clients will be better served by allowing complete access to customer records throughout the company. Implementing single customer services for RR communications by removal of departmentalized services for each service has the following advantages a.

This will impart some reasoning among the leaders, and support fore all divisions should be ensured. What business and IT problems can be caused by lack of common information and an enterprise IM strategy?

This means that focus is on efficiency rather than effectiveness. The organization cannot operate efficiently as a whole or at division levels, and the costs are bound to keep increasing.

Having a single service center will allow easy outsourcing for the organization. When data is at one place for all the divisions, it is easier to have a broader picture concerning how the divisions can create a new opportunities.

Due to the division among departments, the company has been unable to meet reporting requirements for the Sarbanes Oxley Act. Hence, to achieve a successful enterprise system, a company must have its IT systems centralized to ensure information runs smoothly and is relevant among all divisions, especially the financial and accounting information.

Moreover, it will be far more expensive to have an enterprise system with a decentralized IT function, which is contrary to the aim of achieving an enterprise system. With systems in place, certain metrics can be developed to assess the risk involved, cost incurred, and weak areas in the department that requires immediate attention technically.

The company currently does not have a steering or operating committee to oversee and exert control over these projects. All divisions are held with their own operations that aim at achieving divisional goals at the expense of corporate goals.View Essay - Building Shared Services at RR Communications - Case study from MIS at Central Connecticut State University.

Nandika Navoda Caldera Professor Hank Morelli MIS 12th February95%(20).

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Building Shared Services at RR Communications Summary A centralized system delivers new competitive products, value and a faster customer service. Case 4 Matt Lombardo Building Shared Services at RR Communications Key Issues 1. There is a lot of competition in the telecommunication field.

The competition will focus results and pressures on the revenue stream. Building Shared Services at RR Communications In RR communications, it is obvious there is a problem that needs to be handled if they are to avoid losing customers since some have already complained concerning the issue.

Free Essay: Case 4 Matt Lombardo Building Shared Services at RR Communications Key Issues 1. There is a lot of competition in the telecommunication field.

Shared Service Costing. Topics: Costs, • “Shared services costs are too high and affecting my product profitability” Shared services are unable to answer these questions due to lack of cost transparency in their cost models.

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Building shared services at rr communic
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