Analysis of sports tourism

Core positive values of the sportsmanship must be supported, such as respect, fair play discipline etc. Major events are short term events with long term consequences for the cities which hosted and in some cases these consequences are negative.

The bad reputation from the games is something the country is Analysis of sports tourism fighting, trying to restore its global image.

Economic Impact of Sports Tourism

WTO considers sport tourism as an emerging niche market. The purpose of this paper is to review and critique the sport tourism literature as it stands inand to suggest a future research agenda. These ideas allow their destinations to be compared and to compete with their rivals in the other sector of tourism in the international level.

However, the violence in sport is different from the sport rules. Many countries believe that hosting such an event is a guaranteed money making business for many years and will repay the investment.

Today, the tourism is number 1 industry in the world, with the sports being number 1 industry in the entertaining sector. The chance to play host to a mass sport event is an exceptional opportunity to shape the future of the nation, especially its tourism sector.

Probably one of the worst stadium accidents is the Hillsborough disaster.

Sports Tourism: Strategies for Successful Development

It occurred in at Hillsborough, a stadium in United Kingdom. Another example to illustrate this point, are the Commonwealth Games in India. Nowadays more and more tourism destinations are developing new tourism product concepts like sport events.

More Essay Examples on Tourism Rubric This effect can be very big, depending on the expectation of the sports event. Are mass sport events a golden jackpot?

It has become an international business attracting media coverage, investment, and political interest and travelling participants. The tourism in South Africa struggled for many years with the seasonality of the country.

So, what is the solution? However, like everything else it has its issues. The preparation for the games received widespread international media attention, with the criticism being pointed towards the organizers for its slow pace of work, as well as issues related to the hygiene and security.

People might think the Olympic Games in Montreal were inbut it is still happening nowadays. However, sometimes stadiums are dangerous for spectators, and stadium accidents can cause severe injuries or even death. The tourism industry is important part of the Indian GDP.

The economics of some cities, regions and even some countries of the world are highly dependent of the visits of sports fans.Economic Impact of Sports Tourism Tuesday, November 1, AM by Have You Heard Charlotte County enjoyed another successful year in regards to sports tourism.

Analysis of Sports Tourism

An analysis by The Bureau of Tourism Research recently published in Sports Tourism: an Australian Perspective states that 6 percent of day trips and 5 per cent of overnight trips taken by Australians in Australia, were taken with sport as the primary motivation.

This corresponds to expenditure of $ million by domestic sports tourists, of. Journal of Sport Tourism | The Journal of Sport & Tourism, a programme of the Sports Tourism International Council, was initiated in to provide its membership with a communication vehicle to.

As revealed in the extracted definitions of sport tourism within this analysis, the element of sport was cited as the primary motivation to travel, despite significant variation in the activities of participants. Journal of Sport Tourism, 6(3), benefits of sport tourism.

The country is to host the first Iran automobile rally of the Middle East and North Africa from September The event will be organized in Shiraz.

The city has not. Sports Tourism: Strategies for Successful Development aims to meet the needs of aspiring and evolving sports tourism destinations for information, intelligence and best practice guidance in the development of sports tourism strategy and to offer sports properties, brands and other potential stakeholders an insight into the strategic .

Analysis of sports tourism
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