An analysis of the novel the hobbit by jrr tolkien

One day, he unexpectedly finds himself playing host to Gandalf the wizard and thirteen dwarfs. After slaying his first spider, Bilbo names his sword Sting.

They put these to good use in digging out gold from beneath their feet. He finds a magic ring that makes him invisible, and has several opportunities to use it to rescue the dwarfs from danger and imprisonment.

Bilbo and the dwarves spend some time in Lake-town, a town of men, but then move on and disembark near the Lonely Mountain. Bilbo realizes that Gandalf had represented him to the dwarves as a burglar.

Bilbo uses his ring to help the company escape and slips the dwarves away from the elves by hiding them inside barrels, which he then floats down the river.

At this point, in Chapter 14, various groups begin to converge on the Lonely Mountain, because the treasure Smaug had guarded is now up for grabs. It is difficult to think of any other way of conducting the story at this point.

The group rests at the elfish stronghold of Rivendell, where they receive advice from the great elf lord Elrond, then sets out to cross the Misty Mountains.

While the Lord of the Rings was targeted at a much older audience, I think that The Hobbit appeals more to younger people because it is less complicated and a whole lot shorter. In The Annotated Hobbit, Douglas Anderson provides the text of the published book alongside commentary and illustrations.

Rateliff calls this the " Doctor Dolittle Theme" in An analysis of the novel the hobbit by jrr tolkien History of the Hobbit, and cites the multitude of talking animals as indicative of this theme.

The text is also accompanied by illustrations from foreign language editions, among them work by Tove Jansson. Tolkien convinced Lewis to devote his life to Christianity, although Tolkien, a devout Catholic, was disappointed that Lewis became a Protestant. The Desolation of Smaug as portraying dragons as detrimental to landscape, has been noted as an explicit motif borrowed from Morris.

In The Hobbit the evils of possessiveness can be easily seen. By contrast, offering advanced younger readers modern teenage-oriented fiction may not exercise their reading skills, while the material may contain themes more suited to adolescents.

They are rescued by Gandalf and Bilbo, who produces a key he found nearby. Even the maps, of which Tolkien originally proposed five, were considered and debated. Bilbo lives in a hole because he is a hobbit—one of a race of small, plump people about half the size of humans, with furry toes and a great love of good food and drink.

Hobbiton-across-the Water in colour and the addition of new colour plates: The company enters the dark forest of Mirkwood, and, making matters worse, Gandalf abandons them to see to some other urgent business.

The main theme that prevails in this Tolkien novel is the on going struggle between the elite and the plebeians. He hides them in empty wine barrels that are dropped through the floor of the palace and float down the river to Esgaroth or Lake-town.

J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit: Summary & Analysis

A copy of the novel was included in each game package. The runic inscription around the edges of the illustration are a phonetic transliteration of English, giving the title of the book and details of the author and publisher.

Originally this world was self-contained, but as Tolkien began work on the Lord of the Rings, he decided these stories could fit into the legendarium he been working on privately for decades.

The Hobbit: Biography: J.R.R. Tolkien

Both are key elements of works intended for children, [71] as is the "home-away-home" or there and back again plot structure typical of the Bildungsroman. After spending the night in safety, they resume their travels east and Gandalf takes them to the house of Beorn, the skin-changer, who outfits them for the next leg of their journey, through the forest of Mirkwood.

This onomatopoeic singing undercuts the dangerous scene with a sense of humour. The Hobbit falls in the series of books that include The Lord of the Rings and have a full book conclusion to the trilogy called The Simacurilium.

Bilbo is captured by a spider, but fights his way free with the sword he took from the trolls; he names it Sting. Tolkien, a scholar of Beowulf, counted the epic among his "most valued sources" for The Hobbit.

The Hobbit

Tolkien achieves balance of humour and danger through other means as well, as seen in the foolishness and Cockney dialect of the trolls and in the drunkenness of the elven captors. Tolkien lost all but one of his good friends in the war. Join the site and send us your review!

The text emphasizes the relationship between time and narrative progress and it openly distinguishes "safe" from "dangerous" in its geography. Ronald was placed in a variety of foster homes, ending up in the boarding house of a Mrs.

These talking creatures include ravens, a thrush, spiders and the dragon Smaug, alongside the anthropomorphic goblins and elves.

Tolkien took the opportunity to align the narrative even more closely to The Lord of the Rings and to cosmological developments from his still unpublished Quenta Silmarillion as it stood at that time. The Hobbit was a epic novel written by the greatest author of his time.

However the general tone is kept light-hearted, being interspersed with songs and humour. Soon he encounters Gollum, a hissing, whining creature who lives in a pool in the caverns and hunts fish and goblins. And down down to Goblin-town You go, my lad!The Hobbit was a epic novel written by the greatest author of his time.

The Hobbit falls in the series of books that include The Lord of the Rings and have a full book conclusion to the trilogy called The Simacurilium. Chapter 1 opens as the wizard Gandalf visits the hobbit Bilbo Baggins and invites him to join in an adventure.

Bilbo declines, reluctant to leave the safety and comfort of his hobbit-hole. The next day, he is visited by dwarves who believe Bilbo can be of use to them in their journey to the Lonely. The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien - review 'Being at the same level as the Lord of the Rings is no mean feat, but this book manages it with ease!' tintin.

The Hobbit, or There and Back Again is a children's fantasy novel by English author J. R. R. Tolkien.

The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien - review

It was published on 21 September to wide critical acclaim, being nominated for the Carnegie Medal and awarded a prize from the New York Herald Tribune for best juvenile High fantasy, Juvenile fantasy.

Written for Professor Tolkien’s own children, The Hobbit met with instant acclaim when published. It is a complete and marvellous tale in itself, but it also forms a prelude to The Lord of the Rings.

‘One of the most influential books of our. From these imaginings grew The Hobbit, a children’s story and Tolkien’s first published work of fiction. Ina version of The Hobbit reached a representative of the publishing firm Allen and Unwin, which published the novel a year later.

An analysis of the novel the hobbit by jrr tolkien
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